for libinfinity 0.6.0. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

About libinfinity
Compiling and Using libinfinity
Common libinfinity API
InfBrowser — Browsing of infinote directories
InfBrowserIter — Iterating through browsed nodes
InfSessionProxy — Joining users into a session
InfRequest — Asynchronous request
Result of an asynchronous request — Request results for the infinote requests
InfSession — Basic session object and synchronization
InfChatSession — Simple standalone chat
InfChatBuffer — A ring buffer for chat messages
InfUserTable — User information storage
InfUser — User in a InfSession.
Access Control Lists — Common data structures for the infinote ACL Permissions
InfDiscovery — Discovery of remote services
InfLocalPublisher — Publish services on the local network
InfIpAddress — IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
InfNameResolver — Asynchronous DNS name lookup with support for SRV records
InfTcpConnection — Represents a TCP-based connection to a remote host
InfXmlConnection — Exchange of XML messages
InfXmppConnection — Implementation of the XMPP core protocol
InfSimulatedConnection — Simulated network connection
InfDiscoveryAvahi — Service Discovery via Avahi
InfXmppManager — Reuse existing connections
InfIo — Event loop abstraction
InfStandaloneIo — Simple event loop implementation
InfAsyncOperation — Perform long-running operations in a separate thread
InfCertificateChain — X.509 certificate chains
File and directory utility functions — Helper functions to handle directories.
Certificate utility functions — Helper functions to read and write information from X.509 certificates.
InfCertificateCredentials — Reference-counted wrapper for gnutls_certificate_credentials_t
InfSaslContext — Asynchronous SASL processing
InfError — Common error codes
InfProtocol — Infinote protocol parameters
InfNativeSocket — Uniform access to the BSD socket API
InfBuffer — Abstract document interface
Libinfinity's adOPTed implementation
InfAdoptedSession — Session handling concurrency control via the adOPTed algorithm.
InfAdoptedSessionRecord — Create a record of a session
InfAdoptedSessionReplay — Replay a record of a session
InfAdoptedUndoGrouping — Grouping of requests to be undone simultaneously
InfAdoptedAlgorithm — adOPTed implementation
InfAdoptedRequestLog — History of requests
InfAdoptedRequest — Request processed by InfAdoptedAlgorithm.
InfAdoptedOperation — Operation that can be processed by InfAdoptedAlgorithm.
InfAdoptedNoOperation — An operation not doing anything.
InfAdoptedSplitOperation — Operation wrapping two operations
InfAdoptedUser — User in a InfAdoptedUser.
InfAdoptedStateVector — Represents a state in the interaction model
Libinfinity client side API
InfcBrowser — Browse remote directories
InfcSessionProxy — Client-side session management
InfcRequest — Asynchronous request
InfcProgressRequest — Asynchronous request with dynamic progress.
InfcRequestManager — Keeps track of pending asynchronous requests
Libinfinity server side API
InfdDirectory — Directory of published documents
InfdAccountStorage — Interface to user account database
InfdFilesystemAccountStorage — Standalone account storage backend
Storage of chat sessions on the file system — Utility functions to deal with storing InfChatSessions in filesystem storage
InfdSessionProxy — Server-side session management
InfdRequest — Asynchronous request on the server side
InfdProgressRequest — Watch progress of node exploration
Network abstraction
InfCommunicationManager — Handling multiple communication sessions
InfCommunicationObject — Network message destinations
InfCommunicationGroup — Communication channel for mulitple connections
InfCommunicationHostedGroup — Communication group opened by the local host
InfCommunicationJoinedGroup — Communication group opened by a remote host
InfCommunicationFactory — Creation of communication methods
InfCommunicationMethod — Network communication method
InfCommunicationRegistry — Sharing connections between multiple groups
InfCommunicationCentralFactory — Factory for InfCommunicationCentralMethod methods
InfCommunicationCentralMethod — Relying group messages via the publisher